About Us

Our Company

Foundation Fine Art was established 2015 and is a new division of Foundation Art Services that focuses on Fine Art. Our mission is to serve the community by creating art that celebrates life, culture and the unique natural surroundings of Deerfield Beach, FL.

Select from our contemporary paintings and sculptures by our young and emerging artists. These original fine art creations are unique collector’s items that provide value as both decorative and functional artwork for your home or office. Browse our gallery and web site to discover the perfect painting that will grace your home with art and culture.

Our Team

  • Nick Doherty
    Nick Doherty Owner | Founder

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  • Howard Wyner
    Howard Wyner Marketing Manager

    Howard has over 17 years in the online business space developing marketing strategies and over time has become an expert in Internet marketing and E-commerce.

  • Robin Tortorici
    Robin Tortorici Art Director

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