Aaron Ansarov

Aaron's current project is titled The Human Spectrum which delves into the taboo of nudity and judgement.

Al Razza

Razza is known for developing the paint skin process. Simply stated, paint skin is just dried acrylic paint.

Amauri Torezan

Inspired by the work of the pioneers of abstract art, Torezan developed his unique style creating hard-edged compositions, flatly painted on a variety of backgrounds.

Frankie Curran

Frankie Curran is a figurative realist painter born and raised on Staten Island, New York.

Guy Roames

Guy Roames is an American artist, known for his portraits of athletes and celebrities.

Hillary Putnam

Hillary has dabbled in many different styles of art over the course of her life but has found a niche with her pottery.

Jason White

Jason White is an Abstract artist creating in mixed media. Acrylic, resin, metallic and powdered pigment bring his vision to life and inspire this artists journey.

Marc Forman

Marc takes up the challenge of Expressionism and Reduction to define and interpret this relationship within the world in which he lives.

Peter Max

Peter Max is known for his use of psychedelic shapes and color palettes, spectra in his work, and the counter-culture, pop-art-focused nature of his art.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí, was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain.

Walt Peterson

Walt Peterson is at one with his brush… so connected; he feels the energy flow the minute he picks it up!