Jason White


Born in 1969 in Illinois and now residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Jason White is an Abstract artist creating in mixed media. Acrylic, resin, metallic and powdered pigment bring his vision to life and inspire this artists journey. Jason believes that art is an expression of self and being able to share that with others connecting in a visceral way is what inspires. Jason’s work evokes feeling and emotion as well as seeing the unseen. Layering mediums to create depth and texture as well as reflection of light. The striking abstract “scapes” are dramatic up close as well as from a distance creating impact from either vantage point to the observer. It is his intent to present a cohesion of texture and color that the viewer can relate to on a deeper level to see beyond the paint and into the emotion.

Attending art school at East Tennessee State University and UT Knoxville, his primary study focused on drawing and design. It was through personal rediscovery later in life that led him into exploring creation with paint. This allowed him to find the connection in his work. An active part of the South Florida arts community, he works with individuals, businesses, institutions and designers to create art pieces that enhance their design and evoke their emotion.

It is the love of connection and emotion that is the underlying inspiration of his creative work.


Abstract | Acrylic | Resin