Lena Luckey

Artist’s Statement

“You touch people’s lives when you open their minds to possibilities. My philosophy on art is do something you passionate about, and create PEACE and joy for yourself and those around you. I believe that my art is a spiritual expression of the eternal struggle and ultimate triumph of the human soul. My art comes from a place deep within myself; from the power of LOVE that resonates inside us, reaches for the divine and touches something ultimately spiritual: the promise, truthful and sublime, that all will be well. When you look at my art, reflect and be reflected. Behold your image as I see you, perfect and beautiful.”


Lena Luckey is a native of Prague, Czech Republic and has traveled the world to cultivate and develop her art. Based first in Munich, Germany, she journeyed throughout Europe, spending time in the pastoral countryside and most of the major metropolitan cities in Western Europe. While on the Mediterranean peninsula of St. Tropez, the French art and coastal inhabitants there inspired her to paint.

Luckey’s desire to experience and immerse herself completely in other cultures led her south to Casablanca, Morocco. Morocco’s rich historical culture incorporates the best of Arab, Spanish, Portuguese and French art. While in Casablanca, she absorbed the spirit, flavors and textures of these influences and naturally infused them into her work.

Intrigued by how her soul was identifying with a wide variety of nationalities and cultures, Luckey next set her sights on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The time spent in Bali’s spiritually rich environment culminated in a fusion of all her experiences. Her artwork reveals textures and colors that bridge several continents and many diverse cultures.

Luckey uses the artistic medium of acrylic on canvas to depict her personal experiences with people, places, and emotions. To give texture to some of her work she uses beach sand, saw dust, grass or soil on the canvas to produce a truly unique and emotive creation from her soul.

Look through the various Galleries on Luckey’s web site and you will get a sense of her diverse and ever evolving art. Luckey has gained national and international acclaim for her outstanding works of art (please see the Exhibitions page on her web site www.luckeyart.com).


Lena Luckey’s work is represented in public, corporate, private collections and galleries throughout the world and has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.

Current Exhibitions

  • Miami, “Sher Gallery”
  • Miami, “Via Art Gallery”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Art Connections”, Las Olas Blvd.
  • Dania, “Grace Gallery”
  • Delray Beach, “Linda White Gallery”
  • Key West, “World Art Gallery”
  • New Orleans, “Sutton Galleries”
  • Prague, “Gallery of European Contemporary Art”

Past Exhibitions

  • Boca Raton, “Gallery Aquarien”
  • Boca Raton, “Linda White Gallery”
  • Dania, “STYLINE Showroom”
  • Delray Beach, “Delray Art League”
  • Delray Beach, “Village Gallery”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Broward Art Guild / BAG”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Gallery “Le’che-vitrines”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Glass Gallery”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Gallery 101”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Gallery “Art Frenzie”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Gallery “Native Visions”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Gallery “Minds Eye”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Gallery “Silver Street International”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Gallery “Jenner”
  • Fort Lauderdale, ArtServe “LuckeyArt Zen Room” & “The Venue”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Citi Center “SFAA”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Grand Opening “RPY”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Objects of Art Gallery”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “MIA Showroom”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “INVERRARY Showroom”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “SPATOPIA Showroom”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “SYMPHONY Showroom”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Bombay Room”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “Center for Spiritual Living”
  • Fort Lauderdale, “33rd Street Showroom”
  • Naples, Gallery “Native Visions”
  • Miami, “De`ja’ Vu Ocean Drive”
  • Miami, “Art Basel Miami” 2009 & 2010
  • Miami, “Lincoln Road Fine Arts”
  • Miami, Gallery “Wynwood MB”
  • Miami, Coral Gables “Artzee Gallery”
  • Miami, Coral Gables “Kreativa”
  • Miami, North Miami Ave Art Festival “MB”
  • Miami, Coral Gables Art Walk
  • Miami, “Miami SOLO”, Art Basel Miami 2011
  • Miami, “Nicolla W. The Gallery”, Wynwood Art District
  • N.Y., “Coda Gallery”
  • N.Y., “Sturgis Fine Arts”
  • Denver, “Carla Wright Gallery”
  • Boulder, Gallery “Decorasian”


  • Prague, Gallery “Vaclav”


  • Amsterdam, Gallery “Homage”


  • St. Tropez, Gallery “La Maison Blanche”
  • St. Maxime, Gallery “St. Maxime”


  • Munich, Gallery “Leu”
  • Munich, “BMW Museum”
  • Munich, “Wirtenbrick”
  • Duesseldorf, Gallery “Ludwig”
  • Koeln, Gallery “Hoch”


  • Bad Gleichenberg, “Das Kurhaus – Showroom”


  • Casablanca, Museum “Villa des Arts”
  • Casablanca, Gallery “ Re’ ”


  • Ubud, Gallery “Bepek Tochpati”
  • Ubud, “Cahayta Dewata Museum”
  • Ubud, Gallery “Darma Dewata”


Acrylic | Mixed Media | Giclee