Luis A. Gutierrez


Capturing childhood memories and triggering feelings within the viewer has been the idea of Luis’ latest body of work. A single sheet of paper is so simple; yet, so complex that is able to spark the imagination of anyone, it has the ability to strip away any conditioning that society mandate on us. While working with paper objects he has been able to expand his visual vocabulary, manipulating and abstracting their form brings endless ideas for designs to be materialized in a two and three dimensional platform. The paper boat and plane collection is very special because he got to fuse two different styles; the background is done in a more painterly way, he frees himself from any constriction and he starts to interact with the medium until he achieves the right combination of color and textures, he can only tell when his backgrounds are done when they visually feel right.

When painting the objects he uses a more detail and realistic approach, he tries to create a three dimensional effect. The dialogue presented by the use of these two styles is very interesting. The ultimate purpose of a piece of art is to make the viewer feel and react to it. Painting does it in a surreal way because the viewer can never be part of the painting, it can only imagine so, which is very magical in a sense.

Luis is also constantly thinking of designs that can work in a three dimensional form, applying the same elements as he does with his paintings. He tries to envision how to engage people and make them more than just spectators; he wants them to become part of the piece. The inspiration he gets from architectural objects and how people respond to them feeds his imagination to keep working. When one talks about architectural objects one thinks of man-made stuff; but, it also denotes nature and its complexity. Every day he wakes up thinking of the projects he would be working on and go to bed thinking the same way, his work signifies life to his existence.


Sun-Sentinel – “Fort Lauderdale colleges start public street art exhibition”
Fort Lauderdale Daily – “Broward College and FAU Partner to Create Street Art Exhibition in First Lauderdale”

2015 August 29 “Paper Boats and Planes” Solo Exhibition
2015 March “This is a canvas” Street Art Exhibition
2015 Feb.7-Feb.21 “Inspired By” Group Exhibition, Coral Springs Museum of Art
2014 Nov. 7th LMNT Art gallery “Elixir show”
2014 Sept 5th LMNT Art gallery “Elixir show”
2014 March-April Eye to Eye Annual Student Exhibition, Broward College
2014 March Coral Springs Art Festival, Broward College Booth
2013 March Coral Springs Art Festival, Broward College Booth
2012 November Art Student Exhibition, Broward College
2012 April Earth Day Art exhibition, Broward College


Oil | Abstract | Landscape