Yaacov Heller


Yaacov Heller is a globally recognized and acclaimed Sculptor, Artist, and Jewelry Designer. He was born in 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. His artistic inclination started at age five and was carefully nurtured. In 1972 Yaacov established residence in Jerusalem, Israel where he set up his studio, workshop, and foundry for the production of his superbly crafted and uniquely recognizable sculpture and jewelry. Rated among the world’s top sculptors and silversmiths, Yaacov’s designs are known for their rare intricacy, attention to detail, unique interpretation of the human form and spirit, as well as for his personal, unswerving commitment to artistic quality. Much of Yaacov’s inspiration comes from the Bible’s most dramatic events, as he faithfully produces them in a variety of media — including pewter, silver, bronze, and gold.


Featured in:

  • The Boca Raton Tribune
  • Around Wellington Magazine


Acrylic | Mixed Media | Oil | Sculpture